Equal Chances to European Integration through 
the use of the European Language Portfolio 

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Project history


EuroIntegrELP aimed to contribute to the promotion of language learning at high quality standards among adults belonging to various social and professional groups, through the use of the European Language Portfolio (the EAQUALS / ALTE version for adults) as a quality instrument. It enhanced opportunities for social integration and professional development through language learning, including less widely used and taught languages.

The project started from the premise that in a multicultural and multilingual Europe it is necessary that language learners should be encouraged to value their already existent partial competences in various languages and to develop new ones, to take responsibility for their own learning and to develop self-evaluation skills. Learning foreign languages increases the learners’ chances of social integration in their own country and in an international (European) environment, as well as their opportunities for personal development.

The ultimate target groups were Ministries of Labour, employers/Human Resources Managers, private and state employment agencies, providers of language training, providers of vocational training, language learners (15+), people in vocational training, unemployed/employees in the project countries.
In terms of impact, decision makers (such as ministries and employers) were made aware of the existence and benefits of using the ELP on a regular basis, as a document certifying the employees’ linguistic competence. On the other hand, for the ELP users both the approach promoted through the ELP and the instrument itself create equal opportunities to mobility, employability and access to European values in general.


21 – 22 September 2007, Final Project Meeting in Graz, Austria. Click to read(pdf file).

24 November 2006, “Euro-Competences through Plurilingualism” – QUEST Romania Annual Conference. Click to read(pdf file).

5 – 7 May 2006, Second Project Meeting in Thessaloniki, Greece. Click to read(pdf file).

27 April 2006, The European Parliament - On Multilingualism. Click to read(pdf file).

6 December 2005, Bucharest, Romania - Interview given by Prof. Dr. Laura Muresan, from PROSPER-ASE, to Radio Delta RFI (Radio France International) on the Introduction of the European Language Portfolio. Transcript of the interview will be published soon. Click on to listen to the interview in Romanian or to download it on your computer (2.25 MB, mp3 format).

Romanian throughout the world. Between 28-30 October 2005, the Romanian Cultural Institute and the Faculty of Letters of the University of Bucharest organized an international colloquy dedicated to the Romanian language.
Click to read

On October 7, the Romanian Ministry of Education and the English Speaking Union London organised an international conference with the support of QUEST Romania, entitled "English for Education and European Integration". Representatives of all the Romanian partners in our project were represented and a presentation of the project was given to the more than 250 participants. For more detailed information please read the file entitled "Conference Cotroceni". Click to read

A document regarding the seminar on the European Language Portfolio held in Thessaloniki during the last weekend of August, organised by QLS and ELT NEWS. Language teachers from many parts of Greece and Directors of Studies at QLS Schools gathered together to familiarize themselves with the content and format of the Portfolio, to discuss pedagogical issues and get valuable feedback on the use of the ELP in various European countries. Mrs Grete Nezbeda from the partner Institute Österreichisches Sprachen-Kompetenz-Zentrum, Graz, was the instructor. Click to read

At the end of September, the EuroIntegrELP project was presented to the participants in the eEurionclusion international conference held in Iasi, organised by the EuroEd Foundation. The PowerPoint presentation gives you an synthetic overview of some of the achievements of our project so far. Click to read

Voss, Norway, 2-5 June 2005 – The European Association of Language Testing and Assessment (EALTA) – the second annual conference – The ELP Workshop: The pre-conference workshop on the European Language Portfolio conducted by Prof. Viljo Kohonen was attended by about twenty EALTA members from countries such as Austria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Participants had the chance to view all aspects of the Portfolio use, discuss the situation in their respective countries and get valuable feedback. Click to read



1st Project Meeting (Bucharest, March, 2005)

The first project meeting was organized by the project co-ordinator, PROPSER-ASE Language Centre, in Bucharest. The meeting was attended by representants of the partner institutions, who expressed their interest in the project.

The meeting agenda focused on the project work plan for the next three years, and also on other important issues like communication and budget.

Social event: Visit to the Palace of the Parliament (Palatul Parlamentului) - click on the link for details.

Click for details on Bucharest.

Click for details on Romania.

2nd Project Meeting (Salonica, March, 2006)

The second project meeting was organized by the Greek partners, in Salonica (Thessaloniki) at the premises of the Goethe Institut. The meeting was attended by representants of the partner institutions, who gave presentations on their project's progress.

The meeting agenda focused on the project work plan, translation of the ELP, communication within the project a.s.o.

Click for details on Thessaloníki.

Click for details on Greece.

3rd Project Meeting (Graz, September, 2007)

The third project meeting was organized by the Austrian partner, in Graz at the premises of the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe. The meeting was attended by representants of the partner institutions, who gave presentations on their latest achievements in the project.

The meeting agenda focused on analizying the project's final products.

Click for details on Graz.

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Information about the EuroIntegrELP project on partners' websites

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